Pediatrics/Pre-natal Care

Pediatrics/Pre-natal Care

From prenatal care to infants, toddlers, and children, chiropractic care can help keep every member of the family healthy and pain-free. Dr. Eden has taken a special interest in working with families and supporting the growth and development of children.  She has taken an extensive set of pediatric and pre-natal chiropractic continuing education courses through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Raising her three children with regular chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Eden sees every day the benefits of having well-adjusted children. Some of the benefits she’s experienced include; fewer colds and ear infections, improved sleep and reduced aches and pains associated with growing.

When working with infants and children, adjustment techniques are modified to ensure a safe, gentle treatment. Games are played and giggles are encouraged to make certain our little patients feel comfortable and their boundaries are respected.

Dr. Eden is certified in the Webster Technique. This is a technique that, when used in pregnant women, can reduce in-utero constraint which is often seen in women with fetuses in a breech presentation.

How does chiropractic help pregnant women?

Reduce back and pelvic pain: Conservative care including spinal manipulation and mobilization of joints and soft tissue therapy can help reduce pain and improve function.

Relieve fatigued, aching muscles: Chiropractic treatment plans can include soft tissue therapy and various modalities including TENS, IFC, and acupuncture among others. Chiropractors can also recommend exercises to help rehabilitate postural changes.

Help prepare for childbirth: A chiropractor can recommend safe, effective exercises and stretches to help prepare your body for the baby’s delivery.

Ensure a faster recovery: As part of a comprehensive plan of management, chiropractic treatment can help manage quicker recovery and address post-natal biomechanical complaints and rehabilitation.