“Eden is great with adults and children. My daughters trust her and enjoy being worked on. My youngest was diagnosed by our primary physician with having fluid behind her ears and possibly needing tubes. She had numerous ear infections and we considered eliminating dairy from her diet. Our doctor also referred us to an ENT specialist, however the wait was a couple of months. In the meantime, Eden agreed to treat my daughter and I decided not to change her diet right away. The adjustments were minor and painless and my daughter enjoyed them and it also relaxed her. When we finally did see the ENT specialist, he was shocked that we had been referred exclaiming that “she has no fluid or swelling of any kind!”. Most importantly, she had no damage to her ears from countless ear infections and I didn’t have to put her (or myself) through the pain of eliminating anything from her diet. Thanks Eden!
 Amber Bryan

“A few years ago I had a mountain bike crash that injured my neck. Thanks to the regular treatments I receive from Dr. Eden MacGregor, I am able to maintain my busy and physical work schedule in a pain free body. Treatments are effective, with lasting results; allowing me to continue enjoying all my recreational activities without inhibition.
– Summer Wilson R.Ac, D.TCM, BA

“My headaches are finally gone! I can’t believe how much Advil I used to have to take to function. After one visit I knew I had finally found a solution. Dr. Eden made me feel completely at ease and her adjustments were so gentle. She also gave me stretches and tips to help me with my posture.”
– KM

“With regards to the patient’s chronic muscle spasms and tightness of the right periscapular musculature, I did tell the patient to continue her medical treatment, chiropractic and acupuncture therapy as it does appear to be effective.”
– Exerpt from electrodiagnostic consultation report by Dr. Darren Gumbs FRCP(C) regarding Rosemarie Plante